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ropana provides Shiatsu Therapy for remedial, relaxation and rejuvenation on Hamilton Island, Queensland. 

Samantha has created a caring and relaxing atmosphere at ropana, she believes that if we are to be successful in life we must first respect and support our physical body for maximum energy, health and well-being. Samantha is fully qualified in Shiatsu, Remedial Massage and Yoga Teaching and has a graduate diploma in Counselling and Human Services. She has been practicing for 18 years.

"At ropana we encourage everyone who receives a shiatsu treatment to live in a more harmonious way, with a mindfulness of daily actions and relationships. We acknowledge that with a strengthened awareness, we are more in control of what we do and say. We have a greater chance of performing positive actions rather than actions that harm ourselves, others or the world around us".

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What is shiatsu and what should I expect?sh1
The Japanese word Shiatsu means finger pressure. The fingers, thumbs, hands and feet are all used to stimulate or sedate the energy flowing through the body to promote health and healing. Various shiatsu techniques such as pressure point therapy, facilitated stretching, joint rotations and massage techniques are used to correct imbalances, Shiatsu treatment is done through the clothes and is given on a futon on the floor. At the end of the session a feeling of being relaxed and also energised is experienced.

Who can benefit from shiatsu?
The body has a great ability to self heal, but sometimes assistance is needed to remove the objects getting in the way of the healing process. Shiatsu can help the following:

  • Arthritic conditions
  • Back/neck pain, headache
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia, stress related disorders
  • Intestinal disorders/IBS, bloating
  • Menstrual problems/PMT
  • Sinusitus

How often should I have a shiatsu treatment?
Shiatsu is appreciated as a positive way to maintain good health and happiness. One session is not as beneficial as three or four spaced out over three to six weeks. The number of session required for any one individual will depend on their individual needs.


Hatha yoga Gita style anjalimadurapose

Through working with all the body systems, glands, major organs and the seven chakras (energy centres), Gita yoga addresses the stresses and tensions that can contribute to, or even cause imbalances that lead to illness and disease. Yoga is characterised by it's effect, not by perfection of postures and therfore is suitable for people with all levels of fitness and/or flexibility.

Benefits of Hatha yoga

Yoga exercises, such as gentle stretching, breathing and guided relaxation, release body tension and calm the nervous system and emotions.

Concentration, attention and focus are promoted by a yoga practice of mindful movement and body awareness. Balancing postures, in particular, build concentration.

Holding yoga postures creates isometric exercise which tones every part of the body, including the internal organs.

Yoga exercises the glands, organs and the endocrine system, massaging, toning and increasing circulation to stimulate, heal and eliminate toxins from the body.

Yoga postures gently stretch the muscles in the body, increasing flexibility and lengthening the muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Slow gentle movements with deep breathing energise the body rather than tire it. This, in combination with yoga's relaxation and healing benefits, allows daily renewal and nourishment of the body-mind-sprit.

"Health is not a mere absence of disease. It is a positive state of vibrant well-being with the various systems of the physical organism working at peak efficiency,the mental faculties at their zenith and compassion and love in control of all ones thoughts, feelings, words and actions". - Dr. M. Bhamagara

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